Refer new members, join the club, and earn!

The more members we have, the stronger our network will be, and the more benefits we’ll be able to offer you. That’s why we’ve launched a member-get-a-member program. Recruit a new member, and you’ll be in the Master Builders Club for 12 months. You can also be in the club if you sponsor a new member in order to help them see the benefit of our association.

Club perks:

  • Receive a gift for every new member you recruit! You'll get to choose from a number of gift options. 
  • Recognition; the member who recruits the most new members will be awarded a “Master Builder of the Year” plaque at the annual conference.

Rules & Exceptions:

  • The new member must state the referring member on their application. 
  • The gift will be sent to our contact person for the organization (unless a different employee was named in the new members' application).
  • Member organizations who have an employee serving on the board of ReFrame Association (and board members who are individual members) are eligible to be in the club and to receive a plaque, but will not receive a gift.


  • Brochure (PDF)
  • Annual report (PDF)
  • Video (and list of benefits and link to application)
  • Please notify us about your recruitment activity (email It may take awhile for an organization to join the association after learning about us, and we can reinforce your efforts by adding potential members to our e-mail list, calling them, etc.

    Note: We’d like your help recruiting business partner members, and we are especially interested in adding new members who work in states not currently served by ReFrame members: Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Utah.

    2019 CLUB MEMBERS:

    Alabama Rural Ministry - recruited West Florida - Alabama Conference UMC

    Furman University - recruited Greenville County Habitat for Humanity 

    HopeBUILDERS Home Repair - recruited Project Homes

    Appalachia Service Project - recruited Solid Rock Carpenters (and Arizona Service Project previously)

    Rebuilding Together of the Triangle - recruited Rebuilding Together Acadiana and Project Houseworks  



    YouthWorks - recruited Metro Changers and Brothers Redevelopment

    Rebuild Upstate - recruited Emmanuel's Hammer

    Mountain T.O.P. - recruited The Restoration Team

    Rutherford Housing Partnership - recruited Rutherford County Habitat for Humanity  

    Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry – recruited CROSS Coalition

    Reach Mission Trips – recruited IMPACT! Missions

    Nehemiah Mission – recruited Urban Mission Ministries

    Bethlehem Farm – recruited Jerusalem Farm and Chesapeake Housing Mission