2019 Pre-Conference Workshops 

All workshops will be held from 9am-12pm on Wednesday, November 6th at MeadowView Marriott in Kingsport, TN. The cost is $45 for members and $65 for non-members. Workshop registration includes a light breakfast (whole fruit, granola bar, coffee/hot chocolate/tea) and lunch (salad, half sandwich, soup, chips, cookies, & coffee/iced tea/water), which will be served from 12-1pm. ReFrame Conference begins at 1pm.

Mindset and Self-Care: Personally Thriving While Serving in the Nonprofit World – Nonprofit work is rewarding, fulfilling, honorable; but many in the nonprofit world end up struggling personally - whether in physical, mental, relational, or financial health (or often a combination of these). This session is designed to help you get an honest assessment of your health in all areas, and learn how your mindset can move you from surviving to thriving. Participants will leave the workshop with specific action steps that they, their team, and volunteers can implement to truly thrive in all areas of work and personal life. This workshop will be led by Jennifer Rackley Chacon of Greenville, South Carolina. She spent over 20 years in the nonprofit works and was, admittedly, not always good at self-care or personally thriving. After earning a coaching certificate that helper her take stock of her life, and gave her a love of the coaching process, she left to start her own business to help and equip people who choose to Dare to Thrive

Floor Coverings 
– This workshop will be led by Cory Rundle, Store Manager & Design Consultant at Providence Flooring & Painting. Established in 2009, the retail store has the best and most extensive selection of floor coverings in the Tri-Cities area. The main topic of this class will be vinyl plank flooring, also called luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). This product is similar to laminate flooring but has superior resistance to moisture and muffles sound better, too. It is fairly easy for volunteers to install, and is affordable. A second product that will be covered in the workshop is peel & stick carpet tiles. While some home repair nonprofits shy away from installing carpet because of its effect on indoor air quality (carpet may act as a repository for pollutants), some homeowners request it. Carpet provides an extra layer of insulation, and peel & stick carpet tiles are quite durable. If a tile gets damaged, you can easily remove and replace it. The material is very easy for volunteers to install, so it's another affordable option. Cory will share technical information about both products and offer tricks and tips for their installation, including in doorways and transitions between rooms. There will be opportunities for hands-on practice with both products during the workshop. 

Your Greatest Resource: Your Story – In this workshop, participants will gain understanding about what a story is, what it means for their life and leadership, what makes a great story, and how to craft a story for any occasion and need. They will also learn and practice communication principles and skills to help them effectively communicate their stories for maximum impact. This class will help home repair staff with marketing, recruiting volunteers and staff, acquiring donors, and more! Tony Marr will lead this workshop. He has spent the past 20 years helping organizations and their leaders uncover, craft, and communicate their personal and corporate story. A literal Master Storyteller (he has a Master of Arts in Storytelling), he has spent years captivating audiences with stories of humor, hope, and history. Tony will be giving a plenary address during ReFrame Conference, “The Power of Story,” and will also lead a break-out session, “Their Story” (about utilize the power of others' stories to recruit, train, and retain volunteers). Learn more.