2017 Pre-Conference Workshops

All three workshops were held on Wednesday, November 8th from noon until 5pm EST. Workshops included lunch and a snack.

Keeping It Real: A Hands-On Workshop to Build Skills for Home Repair Appalachian Community Action & Development Agency (AppCAA) will be leading this practical, hands-on construction workshop. Topics will include: drywall (repairs and new installation), painting, and air sealing & other energy-efficiency measures.The emphasis will be on learning best practices that are budget-conscious and volunteer-friendly. The workshop will be conducted at Appalachia Service Project (4523 Bristol Highway, Johnson City, TN – about 20 minutes from the hotel). We will begin with lunch and a PowerPoint presentation in a conference room, and then move to the warehouse for the hands-on part of the workshop. AppCAA has been working to mitigate poverty in Southwest Virginia since 1965. Current programming includes weatherization, home repair and accessibility modifications. Working with partners at the federal, state and local level, AppCAA staff leverage and braid different resources to make maximum improvements on each home they touch. The workshop leaders will be Housing Director Stephen Wolle (a 20-year licensed contractor, and a veteran of both private and nonprofit work, with emphasis on retrofitting existing homes), and his colleague, Tom Adams.

Healthy, Thriving Organizations: Starting with You – We all want our organization to thrive, but do we really even know what that means, much less how to get there? A thriving organization is a healthy organization. That requires its individuals to be healthy and thriving, including (especially!) the leader. This workshop will help you define what “healthy and thriving” looks like for your organization, you individually, and help you create actionable steps to begin to shift your organization to a healthier, thriving place. The workshop will be led by Jennifer Rackley Chacon, a certified professional business coach whose consulting business, Dare to Thrive (formerly Leadership That Inspires), is based in Greenville, South Carolina. Jennifer has over 20 years of nonprofit management experience, and her break-out session and pre-conference workshop were among of the top rated presentations at last year’s ReFrame Conference.

Inspire Hope: Find The Secret Recipe of Your Story – Every great story has a beginning, a middle, an end, and hopefully encourages reaction. We all share stories every day that we hope will inspire others to join us in a great cause. But how do we cut through the clutter of 10,000+ media impressions a day? Why do some stories fail to engage? What can we do to better reach our audience and reach our goals? Great organizations have figured out the secret recipe of their story and use it every day to help set themselves apart. Whether it’s volunteer recruitment, donor relations, fundraising, or any other area of your nonprofit, it’s critical to find the secret recipe of your story. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to craft an honest, compelling story that will help you to communicate your vision and inspire hope and action. You’ll get a recipe guide – a system to help you craft stories, social media interactions, marketing campaigns, events, etc., and there will also be prizes and giveaways! Jose Castillo of Flavor, Inc. – a marketing firm – will present this workshop. He engages audiences in “spicy” conversations about the convergence of creativity, marketing, media, culture, and technology. Jose’s travels have included emceeing NASCAR races with audiences of 150,000 people, making salsa on stage in front of 500 business executives, and helping nonprofits find their unique voice.