We are seeking individuals willing to serve on the ReFrame Association Board of Directors. The Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit that is overseen by a Board of Directors and led by a part-time Executive Director. Newly elected Directors will serve three-year terms beginning on January 1, 2020. Interested individuals must be willing to dedicate their time, energy, and skills to guide the association. Candidates must work for ReFrame member organizations or be individual members of the association. (Not a member? Join now!)

The process for being elected to the Board of Directors is:

  • Application: Interested individuals are asked to identify themselves by filling out a simple online application. This application will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee and a follow-up phone interview will take place to gather more information about each applicant. Applications will be accepted until September 6, 2019.
  • Nomination: The Nominating Committee will select those applicants who best meet the current needs of ReFrame.
  • Election: The nominated individuals will be put to a vote of the membership which will take place prior to the ReFrame Conference in November. Newly elected Directors will be introduced at the conference.

Board members of the ReFrame Association should, first and foremost, possess a passion for the work of home repair nonprofits. When deciding whether you are ready to commit to serving on the Board, consider your ability to:

  • Be present. Participating in most Board of Directors meetings is imperative. Serving on a Board Committee and attending most of its meetings is also vital.The board meets via video conference for an hour 8 times a year and has 2 in-person meetings (a full-day retreat meeting in Johnson City, TN in the spring, and a shorter meeting on the morning of the pre-conference workshops at ReFrame Conference in Kingsport, TN in November). Board committees meet for no more than one hour each month (some committees meet less frequently). These are the primary instruments of how the Board accomplishes its work; without being present at these meetings, it is difficult to actually serve.
  • Be a champion. Promote ReFrame Association with peer organizations. Ask organizations to join and renew their membership - and to attend ReFrame Conference. Encourage member organizations to nominate candidates for working committees and to engage their staff in ReFrame activities. Advocate for causes near and dear to home repair and eradicating substandard housing.
  • Be a connector. Connect ReFrame Association to like-minded organizations, companies who can support our work, and individuals who are passionate about the cause.
  • Be a teammate. We won't always agree. When we don't, we discuss and seek consensus. Then, no matter what we decide, support it as one team.
  • Be diligent. Reply timely to staff and colleagues. Take time to review meeting agendas. Be knowledgeable about Board policy and how the organization is governed. Hold each other accountable.

If you're ready to commit to these things, then it might be your time to join the Board of the ReFrame Association. We need you. But, more importantly, we need your commitment. To start the process, fill out the online application.

ReFrame seeks an active, energetic and diverse board. If you know someone in your organization (or another home repair nonprofit) who would make an excellent Director, please encourage them to apply.

Apply Now

Contact either of us with questions. 


Drew Powell, Chair of ReFrame Association Governance Committee & Site Development Director for YouthWorks
Becca Davis, Executive Director of ReFrame Association