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2017 Keynote Speaker

Chris Manley of Rebuild Upstate will give the keynote address at the 2017 ReFrame Conference. His talk will be titled, “Growing Your Mission with Leadership and Passion.” He also be presenting a break-out session, “Deep Dive: The Growth of Rebuild Upstate.” We are excited for Chris to help us explore this year’s conference theme, “Home, Health & Hope – ReFraming the Future.”
Chris Manley has served as the Executive Director & Founder of Rebuild Update in Greenville, South Carolina for ten years. During this time, the organization has increased the number of families it serves by 1,075% and mobilized thousands of local volunteers to repair and rehabilitate homes year-round. He has orchestrated key funding relationships and community partnerships to aid this growth, in part by staying focused on a strategic model for success. He is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from leadership to managing millennials, and has proudly participated in every ReFrame Conference. In addition to his work with Rebuild Upstate, Chris is also the CEO and CO-Founder of digital marketing agency Engenius. He is active in many community causes, serves as Chair of the Greenville Nonprofit Alliance, is a board member of the Greenville Zoo Foundation, is a past board member of the Small Business Development Center, and serves on several nonprofit steering committee.

Chris believes strongly in the nonprofit sector and in the need for repairing existing homes. He helped form ReFrame Association and has served as its Board Chair since its founding. Additionally, Chris is active in his church and is devoted to his family. He and his wife have three children ranging in age from newborn to six. In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing Legos with his kids, reading, drinking craft beer, and attending performing arts events.

Session Descriptions:

Keynote address: “Growing Your Mission with Leadership & Passion”
Growing your mission is critical – and sometimes that involves growing your organization too. In the midst of all the challenges we face each year, how do we continue to grow our mission of repairing homes, creating healthy living environments for low-income people, and instilling a sense of hope with the people we serve? Based on his experience growing Rebuild Upstate, Chris will motivate each of us to grasp our own leadership role – regardless of your title – in growing the mission of your organization.

Break-out session: “Deep Dive: The Growth of Rebuild Upstate”
Rebuild Upstate is a home repair organization in South Carolina that works year-round, primarily with volunteers from its own community. This deep dive will focus on how it has achieved explosive growth (their current three year revenue growth rate is 645%), engaged community partners to maximize effectiveness, and built a scale-able model to continue expanding to serve a rapidly growing need. Chris will share challenges that were faced and the key elements that led to the organization’s growth and how they are accomplishing their mission more effectively than ever as a result.